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      Volume 92

      Latest stories

      Forging Your Own Path


      Alternative Routes to Big Law [Editor’s Note: This article was previously published on Mondaq, on 8 April 2021] It is that time of year again, when Big Law firms n breathe after wrapping up another summer student recruit, and those students who were successful during the recruit n celebrate and start  thinking about their “3LOL” year.   However, while there is a lot...

      Letter from the Editors


      Dear Osgoode — This issue is our last as co-editors-in-chief. We are excited to pass the baton to three of our senior editors: Tomislav Milos, Lauren Graham, and Alice Liu. They will be taking over the management of Obiter shortly, and we are confident that, in their hands, the paper will remain a forum for expression on issues that matter to the Osgoode community. We know, of course, that they...

      Burn Bright


          I’ve been writing for Obiter for all of my three years at Osgoode, and I decided pretty early on that I would write like I was speaking to a friend, and not like I was trying to win a Pulitzer. For the most part, it’s been rewarding. For the most part, I feel like I’ve done what I said I would. While I’m sad that this is the last time you’ll need to see, read, or skip over...

      The Final SPAC – Part 3

      CEO and founder of U.S. Nikola, Trevor Milton speaks during presentation of its new full-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell battery trucks in partnership with CNH Industrial, at an event in Turin, Italy December 2, 2019.

      In the first two Parts of this series we introduced the SPAC, explored some examples and highlighted some concerns. The very nature of the SPAC attracts private companies that either do not have the money or the time to access the public markets through the ordinary IPO process. But are such companies suitable for the public markets? Being a public company comes with its own sets of challenges...

      Tokenized: NFTs enable sale of world’s first “digital house”


      NFTs continue to change the way the world views digital art and its economic sustainability. The explosion in internet usage of the last few dedes has animated and expedited dissemination of information, but this benefit has also resulted in an increased tug-of-war between artists’ ability to protect their property rights in their work and the prevalence of piracy. Furthermore, the speed and...

      Osgoode Students Excel in Virtual Advocy


      In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic used the regrettable ncellation of many oral advocy competitions including moots and negotiations. In 2021, the organizers of these competitions regrouped and made the decision to conduct them virtually. While unprecedented, hosting moots online is akin to how many matters in the legal system are being conducted today. Fortunately, Osgoode rose to the...

      Osgoode student with disability breaks through barriers, lands clerkship


      Fellow Osgoode student Ali Imrie, a 4th year in the extended time program, has secured a clerkship with the Ontario Court of Appeal for 2022-2023. The path to clerking at Ontario’s highest court has not been an easy one for Ali, as there are a number of barriers in place for law students with disabilities. Ali explains that law students with disabilities face various barriers in ademic...

      Recent Changes to Medil Assistance in Dying Laws


      Medil Assistance in Dying (MAID) Laws In February 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that s. 241 (prohibiting physicians from assisting in ending life) and s. 14 of the Criminal Code infringed s. 7 of the Charter and were not justified under s. 1. They were held to be of no force and effect, to the extent that they “prohibit physician-assisted death for a competent adult person who (1) clearly...

      Forgetting to Mute During Child Protection Hearing: No Mistrial


      Remote work and school have been the new normal for a year. We have all adjusted to doing pretty much anything social via Zoom. Classes, moots, OCI’s, exams and even Mock Trial have all moved to the online world. Even courts have had to adjust to trials via Zoom. This new reliance on Zoom has created a new anxiety – forgetting to mute. Most of us have accidentally un-muted during a Zoom...

      An open letter to the Seven Sisters


      As International Women’s Day passed, I found myself reflecting on my positionality in the male-dominated legal field as a woman; a white passing, biracial woman, to be precise. I will preface this opinion piece by stating I do not share the same experiences as a BIPOC woman, and I am not trying to speak on behalf of women (if you need to be reminded, no one is the spokesperson for women, in...

      Death by Plastic


      Two issues ago, I wrote in Obiter Dicta about the unprecedented risk of nuclear Armageddon. In this issue, I want to talk about something slightly more insidious and not quite as sexy – the impending end of humanity through reproductive failure. Many readers will be familiar with P.D. James’ timeless novel “Children of Men” in which reproductive failure in human males leads to global chaos...

      The Perils of Examplify


      [I’m very grateful to Heidi Young for raising the questions and concerns set out in this article. Following the publition of the article, Jeffery Sperling and I met with Heidi and other students to discuss these issues. Over the summer, we will work on addressing these issues, and in September, Heidi and I plan to co-author an article for Obiter Dicta setting out the resolutions and...

      n Humanitarian and Compassionate Applitions provide an adequate remedy for climate migrants?


      As a result of climate change, extreme weather events and natural disasters will worsen which n add to the threats that force people to flee across international borders. Furthermore, desertifition, drought, land degradation and erratic rainfall will increase as temperatures rise and put pressure on people’s livelihoods leading to forced migration.  In 2018, there were 28 million...

      Hong Kong


      Two Systems, One Ignored Well, it’s finally happened, folks. As of March 13th, Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary for the United Kingdom, now considers the People’s Republic of China to be in a “state of ongoing non-compliance” with the Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984, after the “third breach in nine months”. Does this change a lot? Not necessarily. As many may already know, the Joint...

      What is the Future of the People’s Party of nada?


      The third anniversary of Maxime Bernier’s exit from the Conservative Party of nada is approaching. Following his firing from Andrew Scheer’s shadow binet and subsequent involvement in a media firestorm surrounding his comments on diversity and multiculturalism, he decided to quit the party and form his own. Dubbing it the People’s Party of nada (PPC), Bernier claimed that his new party...

      The meaning of a $1.1 billion USD ($1.4 billion D) settlement


      In one of the largest university settlement ses, the University of Southern lifornia (USC) has agreed to an $852 million USD settlement in addition to their previous $215 million settlement approved by the federal court. The total settlement is even larger than many of the settlements that followed the child sex abuse crisis in the Roman tholic Church. Ironilly, both are closely related...

      An Interview with Anishinaabe Artist, Luke Swinson: Reclaiming, re-discovering, and reviving his culture, one illustration at a time.


      Growing up, Luke didn’t feel Indigenous at all. Most of his family lived on or near the reserve on Scugog Island quite close to Lindsay, Ontario, where he was born. “We’d go out to res very often, but it never felt like an Indigenous community, it was just my family,” he tells me as we sit on opposite sides of a picnic bench on a cold November morning in front of his studio in downtown Kitchener...

      Why you should watch Ted Lasso


      Almost every aspect of law school is tough: building your summaries, studying for exams, job recruits, and having to balance all that with your extracurricular and volunteer activities. Plus, you have to deal with it all in a virtual environment where you’re stuck inside watching the seasons pass you by. That is precisely why it’s so important to watch a show with a main character that exudes...

      Some “feel-good” recommendations for exam season


      It’s safe to say that this year has been one of the most challenging school years I’ve had, and I’ve definitely found myself turning to “feel-good” entertainment more and more. I love turning on an episode of “Parks and Recreation”, re-reading Lord of the Rings, or making a matcha latte as a reward for getting through another long day of working from home. As exam season approaches and stress...

      My Music: Ravel


      The music of Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) is some of the most exquisitely crafted in the classil repertoire. The composer’s perfectionism is evinced by his small output. There are basilly a handful or two of major works, and many of the orchestral pieces are simply arrangements of compositions for piano. But there are few, if any, duds. Take, for example, the String Quartet (1903). It is easy to...

      The Finals Playlist: Part II


      It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly at the end of the ademic year, and while that is a relief in many ways, it means that we have to confront the beast once more: finals. It’s time to scream at yourself for not having taken better notes in class, fire up the ol’ L&L database, and get to work.  And so, I have compiled an ever-so-refully curated playlist of classil music to...

      He Stays, Farewells, and Surprises


      A Rep of the 2021 NBA Trade Deadline The NBA trade deadline day has always been a nerve-wracking day for NBA fans waiting to see whether their favourite players will be traded. For Raptors fans, this year’s trade deadline had the potential to be franchise-altering with the possibility of trading both franchise star and GROAT (Greatest Raptor of All Time) Kyle Lowry and long-time Raptor Norman...

      Buying Tickets to the Parade


      Staff Writer Luke Giffen Reflects on his NHL Predictions and Takes Us Back Through What’s Been a Truly Bizarre, One-of-a-Kind NHL Season As we move well past the halfway point of this strange NHL season, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on how my predictions stacked up from when the season first began. Also, I’ll rep the multitude of interesting stories that have popped up along...

      Marvelous Marvin


      Boxer Marvelous Marvin Hagler passed away on March 13, 2021. He had his name legally changed to “Marvelous” after announcers did not refer to his nickname. He was marvelous in the ring and was considered one of the “Four Kings” of his generation of boxers, which included Thomas Hearns, Roberto Durán, and Sugar Ray Leonard. I love the sport of boxing, and it’s taught me some transferrable skills...

      The Enduring Legacy of Kyle Lowry


      Why we ought to give the future HOFer his flowers while he is still here As the adage goes, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. For a brief moment in time, Raptors fans were given no choice but to stare into the unknown and envision a world without Kyle Lowry. The whirlwind of a nine-game losing streak, talks of a rebuild in the media, and rumours of a frugal real estate transaction...

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